Photo by Philine Bernard


My name is Yara Altena, and I was born in the beautiful culturally diverse city of Rotterdam.
From a young age I was always curious for new adventures and cultures.

From all the countries I visited, Morocco stood out.

I fell in love with it's colors, friendly people and magical atmosphere...
I knew that I wanted to bring this feeling home and share it with my friends.

And that is how Allawn Bags was founded.

Allawn (اللون) means ''color'' in the Arabic language, which is exactly what the country and bags are full of! 

Each Allawn Bag is handmade in Morocco and therefore one of a kind.
You can wear your Allawn Bag to make your outfit unique and bring a splash of color to your life.

Allawn Bags was founded out of my love for fashion and traveling, and I hope you find as much joy in wearing your Allawn Bag as I had in selecting it in Morocco exclusively for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yara Altena


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